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We’re tackling the world’s biggest mental health issues “head-on” with our unique approach. MindOnly courses deliver measurable mental health outcomes for clinicians.


Awakening humanity for a better world

Our aim is to preserve cultural integrity and lineage to sustain the originating source of Eastern contemplative traditions such as Bon and Buddhism.

The MindOnly learning path reflects the collective wisdom of celebrated Harvard Psychologist Dr. Daniel P. Brown. He has gained more than 50 years of research by synthesizing Western psychotherapy and positive psychology with Eastern contemplative traditions. 

Improving mental health on a global scale


MindOnly partners with a variety of mental health organizations to make programs more accessible to humanity.

Prior to the creation of MindOnly, Dr. Daniel P. Brown has flown around the world to teach countless retreats for thousands of students.

Guided by our core values 

Mastery of Learning

Improving Mental Health

Science Based Education

Creating a Legacy

Unifying East & West

Awakening Humanity



Train with a world class teacher to unlock your potential. We will be expanding our faculty section in the near future.

Top Transformational Teacher

Dr. Daniel P. Brown

Dan is an Associate Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School, a world-renowned Forensic Law & Western psychology expert as well as a Senior Meditation Master in Indo-Tibetan Bon & Buddhism.



Jock Gordon

Jock has founded multiple successful companies over the past decade, combining his experience with a commitment to personal growth and learning.

He has studied under leading experts in psychology and meditation, and it was his business experience that inspired him to search for a better way of living and to share the knowledge of the masters on a larger scale.

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