Unlock your mind
to experience more in life

Available now, everything you need to train your mind and learn how to operate at your peak – to be your best self.

Unlock your mind
to experience more in life

In a three-part program, Harvard Pyschologist Dr. Daniel P. Brown will teach you how to live a more deeply satisfying and productive life. Previously only available to a small and elite circle, you can now learn to operate at your peak. 

Masters of Mind: Three-Part Program

The complete course with over 26 hours of training on your path to excellence

Developed by Dr. Daniel P. Brown, an award winning author and master of the East and West. He combines Western psychotherapy and positive psychology with Eastern contemplative traditions, all backed by neuroscience.

26 hours of training

25 guided meditations & visualizations

3 workbooks (359 pages)

Achieve more in life

Unique training to improve your life


Peak Performance States.

Learn how to access flow and peak performance states in all parts of your life.


Master Concentration.

Remove the clutter and unlock unlimited creativity to become more successful in life.


Vital Engagement and Growth.

Learn to operate out of positivity, build stronger relationships, and develop your best and strongest sense of self.

Pick a plan to be at your best with MindOnly

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1. Flow

Learn Performance  Excellence

Course Includes:

  • 6 hours of training
  • 9 guided visualizations
  • 1 complete workbook (95 pages)

$597 ($1,667)

2. Focus

Learn Concentration Mastery

Course Includes:

  • 10 hours of training
  • 11 guided meditations
  • 1 complete workbook (139 pages)

$597 ($1,667)

3. Grow

Learn Emotional Growth 

Course Includes:

  • 10 hours of training
  • 15 guided visualizations
  • 1 complete workbook (125 pages)

$597 ($1,667)

Masters of Mind

Complete Course

Three-Part Program 

Flow + Focus + Grow

Complete Master Class taught by Dr. Daniel P. Brown


$1,497 ($5,000)

What people are saying about Dan

Mariana Bozesan, Ph.D
Mariana Bozesan, Ph.D
Serial Entrepreneur, Integral Investor, Philanthropist, Author, and full member of the Club of Rome

Dan P. Brown is the best teacher I have had during the past four decades of meditation practice. (…) The result is sheer happiness, wisdom and inner and outer success.

Ronald A Alexander, Ph.D
Ronald A Alexander, Ph.D
Author, Clinical Director of the Open Mind Training Institute in Santa Monica, adjunct faculty UCLA

(…) It has been a life time honor and blessing to know, study and practice with Dan Brown truly an exceptional standout!​​

Philipp Thyben
Philipp Thyben
German-Colombian Entrepreneur

(…) Dan Brown’s teachings on attachment, concentration, and performance excellence have become my favorite guide to improve my own psychology.

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